Professional Education Center (PEC)

Professional Education Center (PEC) is a modern company that occupies one of the leading positions in the educational services market. They provide services in the field of professional training and continuing education for adults.

The main task of the PEC is to implement educational programs for the following types of additional education:

  • professional retraining;
  • training;
  • developing and conducting short-term seminars;
  • vocational guidance of senior pupils of general education schools;
  • popularization of legal education among foreign students.

When you start to cooperate with our company, you get:

  • education in modern and convenient formats;
  • good value for money;
  • the quality of the knowledge gained;
  • certification of the established sample.

They have been working on the market for over 10 years and have rightfully earned a reputation as a reliable organization and the trust of their regular customers.

The PEC provides the following types of training:

Additional professional education:

  • training;
  • professional retraining.

Additional education for adults:

  • seminars and trainings (short-term training according to individual programs).

Training for the professions and positions of employees:

  • training;
  • retraining.

Pre-certification training and certification.

Full-time education:

  • on-site training;
  • distance learning (webinar / video PEC courses);
  • training on an individual schedule.

The PEC course catalog also has programs in a foreign language for their clients.

Training with the PEC takes place with comfort since the students can enjoy:

  • comfortable classrooms;
  • modern equipment and visual materials;
  • all opportunities for practicing practical skills;
  • translation services and much more.

The PEC provides training in various fields and activities. You can get all the details on the PEC portal. You can also review the Professional Education Center User’s Guide Ethics And Compliance Edition Compiled By Smartpros Ltd.