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Pain Management Information | US Online Pharmacy | Meds4you.net

Pain Management Information | US Online Pharmacy | Meds4you.net


Meds4You.net Pain Relief Center

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Soma (carisoprodol) Is A Schedule IV Controlled Substance

As of January 12, 2012, Soma (carisoprodol) has been placed into Schedule IV of the Controlled Substances Act. Meds4You.net can only offer non-controlled medication. As such we can no longer offer Soma on our website.

Read more about the rule here: htt

meds4you.net – Welcome to the new Med4You.net

Welcome to the new Meds4You.net. Weve updated the look and feel of our website to give you better content and easier navigation as well as offer the medication you need at the lowest prices!

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meds4you.net – Looking for Meds4You.net Online Pharmacy?

Were still here! Continue to order pain medication, along with other popular medications, from our Online Pharmacy in the privacy of your own home without the added expense of a doctor visit!