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Treat the following medical conditions with related prescription and otc products:

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Many people are prescribed medications to address one or more personal health issues. Unfortunately, without adequate health insurance, they are left paying out-of-pocket for the medications that would surely benefit them and improve their quality of living.

At The Drug Company, we believe that everyone should be able to afford their medications, and still have money left over for other things in life, including basics like proper meals. That is why the Drug Company provides its customers with the best selection of affordable medications from around the world.

When global online pharmacies are competing to fill your medication orders, you win and can save up to 88% off the retail medication price.

Here you will find valuable information about medical conditions, medications, international availability, alternative therapies and the pricing health professionals from around the world offer on the product you desire.

Often, a licensed mail order pharmacy in one country can offer the same brand name product, or an alternative product, at substantial savings compared to what you may pay locally. In a minute or less you can search for your favorite products and see how much smart shoppers like you can save.

When searching online for information, pricing, or global availability of prescription and non-prescription medications at The Drug Company, you are receiving free competitive quotes from licensed mail order facilities including those in the following countries:

Our diverse consortium of inspected and licensed pharmaies means that consumers can “shop the world” for availability and the price of their medication all at one safe place with Guaranteed World Wide Delivery To Your Door!

Buying medications online has never been easier or more convenient. Search for your drug by name, or find it in its category. You may also choose to order by phone — don’t worry, the call is Toll Free.

Once your order has been placed, sit back and relax, as it will be mailed to your home shortly.

Thank you for shopping with us. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Toll Free line, or use the Live Chat feature.

What Others Are Saying About The Drug Company:

Brock Lesnar on Thursday August 13, 2009

People buy from us because they require vital medications, often desperately, and in many cases they simply can’t afford them at their corner drugstore. You’d think they wouldn’t care what color the address bar is. We were wrong; evidenced by the fact that we’ve seen 33% higher conversion rates and 27% greater revenue per sale. For Extended Validation SSL to make such a huge difference to people who are that motivated to buy is truly amazing

Chris Murphy on Wednesday August 12, 2009

Our Canadian pharmacy can save you up to 70% when compared to other online pharmacies or your local pharmacy. Thousands of Americans are already buying prescription drugs from Canadian-Pharmacies. Besides providing significant savings from our Canadian pharmacy, we also provide safe prescription medications and high quality customer service.

Christina A User on Saturday August 1, 2009

After investigating several Canadian pharmacies, my wife and I just paid $624.77 for a three-month supply of drugs at Vancouver’s DoctorSolve. These same drugs cost us $1,208.04 buying at Walgreen’s, Target, and Kmart where we shopped for the lowest prices. That’s a saving of $583.27 including a Canadian physician’s charge of $39 per person for rewriting prescriptions – required by Canuck law – and personal consultations, plus a total of $16 for shipping.

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