Cheap Medicines Online – Welcome to :

Cheap Medicines Online – Welcome to :

These medicines can be imported from an overseas pharmacy such as ours according to the FDA personal importation rule. Your medications will be shipped directly to your door with discreet packaging. Delivery from Subscribed International Shipping is now available! Please read our shipping instructions and terms and conditions before ordering. Again please note we take our payments in US Dollars. It’s easy to understand why we are the best overseas discount pharmacy drugstore on the internet!

Before Ordering it is a mandatory requirement that you fax in your current prescription to us. Please fax the prescription to the following number +009251 2822018. We will then examine this and match up with the order placed. – Search Medicine

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Please note we can only sell to persons over eighteen years of age. If not over the age of eighteen then please do not order from us.


Please note we take our payments in US Dollars

Presented below are some of the most popular medicines in our online store. Click on the table links to see the product details. For more uncommon products use the search facility on our website to search through our database of over 1000 products.

Anti-Depressants & Sedatives


Zyrtec (Cetirizine)

Dermatologicals Anti-fungals & Ant-Acne & Anti-Bacterials & Anti-virals

Muscle Relaxants

Gastric Problems


Anti-Bacterial tablets

Corticosteroid creams