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Exactly what I ordered and was delivered in seven working days. I was told it would take eleven to f…more

Great Job Thanks

Thanks, wonderful service as always and well worth the wait thanks

I have been ordering for past 8 months consistently. All orders have arrived in good order. My last …more

First Order – Detailed Follow to Come

I’m so tired of getting the runaround, I’m gonna place my normal order, normal billing/shipping ifo …more



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Diazepam 10mg

Diazepam120 Tabs, by Terapia / Ranbaxy

$165.00 $140.00

Rivotril 2.0mg

Clonazepam120 Tabs, by Roche

$115.00 $95.00


Cialis 10mg

Tadalafil4 Tabs, by Eli Lilly

$130.00 $125.00

Alprazolam 1.00mg

Alprazolam100 Tabs, by Labormed Pharma

$165.00 $155.00

Lorazepam (Anxiar) 1.0mg

Lorazepam50 Tabs, by RG Pharma

$75.00 $70.00

Paracetamol (Ultracod) 500/30mg

Paracet/Codeine60 Tabs, by Zentiva Pharma

$105.00 $100.00

Stilnox 10mg

Zolpidem100 Tabs, by Sanofi-Aventis

$205.00 $155.00

Bromazepam 3.0mg

Bromazepam60 Tabs, by Labormed Pharma

$55.00 $40.00

Tramadol 50mg

Tramadol100 Caps, by KRKA Pharma

$85.00 $80.00

Tramadol 100mg

Tramadol60 Tabs, by KRKA Pharma

Sertralin (Serlift) 50mg

Sertraline28 Tabs, by Terapia / Ranbaxy

$55.00 $50.00

Xanax 0.50mg

Alprazolam120 Tabs, by Pfizer Pharma

$155.00 $115.00

Lexotanil (Lexotan) 3.0mg

Bromazepam90 Tabs, by Roche

$120.00 $115.00

Prozac 20mg

Fluoxetin28 Tabs, by Eli Lilly

$80.00 $75.00

DHC Continus 120mg

Dihydrocodeine112 Rtabs, by Mundipharma


Second order arrived

I was a little bit concerned to begin with as i made 2 orders at the same time. The first arrived at…more

Fantastic Service, bad post

I placed 2 orders at the same time, the first order arrived in just over a week and i was able to tr…more

Although there was a short delay in shipping the product, once it was on its way it arrived promptly…more

Wonderful thanks

Great customer support, The wait was well worth it and very professional Thanks Sam

Quality product and polite service

My only problem with this site is that it took longer to receive my order than from the sister site;…more

Thought it was too good to be true, but it was a fantastic service with great customer service with …more

Longer wait, still the same though.

It’s been an year or two but I have been a return customer for years. The shipping could be a little…more

A M M & A E C How close of “sisters” are you?

A M M ( Your sister site from GB ) does not seem to have the reliability of sources that you posses….more

why does AEC not carry the 2mg Xanax or its generic counterpart.

Tracking between USPS and AEC

The word of the day is horrible. I placed an order on 1/11/14 and the first information I received a…more

Zolpidem 10mg (Sanval)

Zolpidem60 Tabs, by Sandoz

$115.00 $90.00

Diazepam60 Tabs, by Terapia / Ranbaxy

$75.00 $50.00

Zolpidem60 Tabs, by Sanofi-Aventis

$145.00 $130.00

Clonazepam90 Tabs, by Roche

Xanax 1.00mg

Alprazolam60 Tabs, by Pfizer Pharma

$130.00 $120.00

Very pleased customer!

My order complete and purchased within a logical time frame, I was given all the help I wanted to co…more

not being able to complete order

It is the third day I try to complete my order. There always seems to be a problem. Either with my m…more


Your product is excellent and your tracking system is great. I appreciate a square deal from a busin…more

Great customer support.

This company is on the up and up. I tracked my product all the way to the U.S. and everything went a…more

$150.00 $125.00

Alprazolam90 Tabs, by Pfizer Pharma

$180.00 $140.00

$90.00 $85.00

$175.00 $160.00

$70.00 $55.00 – $100.00 $75.00

$110.00 $105.00

$175.00 $165.00

Regenon 25mg

Amfepramon120 Tabs, by Temmler Pharma

$190.00 $145.00

$175.00 $145.00 – $180.00 $175.00

Fair prices for quality products and as long as the prices stay where they are I will continue with …more

I have placed many orders with this company. Rep. Robert RC020 has been the person that I have dealt…more

Trustwordy, cheap and allways good quallity. Would like to recommend. Petersen D.K.

great website and products

I have been ordering from them for YEARS. Had one little problem with a cc issue that was addressed …more

Codeine phos 15mg

Codeine60 Tabs, by Labormed Pharma

$70.00 $65.00